Lush, rolling green lawns.

Buffalo, Kikuyu, Cynodon Dactylon

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comes from.

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Why stare at cold paving stones, or cement with straggly weeds peeping through the cracks when roll on or instant lawn looks and feels so much better, and for only half the price? Read More

Lawn Care


here a car would park on the lawn in the same place every day, the side of the house where a big dog runs up and down all day, the route you take to the washing line every day, and any other area that receives consistent traffic on a daily basis.

All of our lawns are delivered in top condition and have been specifically grown for transplanting. Our full service offers the lawn a good start , however for your lawn to remain in good condition you will need to take care of your lawn.


Lawn is like a lady, it should be given daily care, still expect a few days of unquestionable supplementary requirements.

We have excellent advice for your lawn.

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Virtual Nursery - Instant Lawn Delivered


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Lawn Calculator

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Our Service Offer

Most of our domestic clients do not come to our company looking for just lawn, they come here looking for a solution. Why get three different companies to effectively do one job. This ends up costing you more , not only in a financial capacity but in time delays.

No Job is too big and no job is too small @ROLLONLAWN.COM we cover them all.

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Unusual Project - Oprah Magazine

Lawn done for photo shoot of Oprah magazine in the studio.

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Lawn Poll

How does your lawn look?

Exceptionally well - 1.3%
Quite good - 3.7%
No to bad - 2.6%
It could be better - 18.5%
Almost dead - 21.6%
It's a forest - 3.5%
Some bird messed it up - 2.4%
What lawn? It's a desert - 46.3%

Total votes: 454

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J&B Met

The day was a result of a combined effort by a group of companies who dedicated their absolute attention and resources to what was verbalized as the best designed J & B tent to date. 

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Commercial Homes

The N2 Gateway is predominantly built on a sandy soil. Most of the construction has eliminated the natural vegetation and has exposed the soil. This has had some negative consequences.

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Domestic Homes

@ we can turn your old dying lawn into a luscious green pleasure. Domestic lawns are often so easily neglected and mauled by your pets.

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