Not all gardens are the same and have installed and supplied a variety of instant and roll on lawns for both private and commercial customers. 

Fiddlers Green Blend House 1

Fiddlers Green Blend House 2

Residential House

Transformation of old deteriorated lawn into an enjoyable luscious lawn for the family to enjoy.

J&B Met

Objective - transform 1900 square meters of old lawn and weeds into a green luscious lawn area for event day.

N2 Gateway Project

The N2 gateway housing project implemented for a solution to address our social obligation to our people as laid out in our constitution.

It was predominantly built on a sandy soil. Most of the construction has eliminated the natural vegetation and has exposed the soil and this has had some negative consequences that needed to be addressed.

Somerbosch Stud farm - Cavalli

The soil is predominantly clay with some course sand and stone. The area was allowed to rest for two weeks to allow the clay to settle before the ground was prepared at 1000 square meters per day. A total of 34300 sods were delivered transported to site.

Oprah Magazine

Lawn done for photo shoot of Oprah magazine, actual article published December 2010.