Grass Types

Does the area you want lawned get full sun?

If your answer to this question was yes then all species will grow in the area. You can select from the lawns listed below as all of them will perform well.

Should the area receive some sun and or some of the area is shaded for some of the day then you choices are limited to either Buffalo or LM Berea.

LM Berea


M Berea, this lawn is very popular in KZN. LM Berea has a reputation for the highest shade tolerance out of all the species. LM Berea and buffalo have the same root system. LM Berea has a very soft blade and is a lighter shade of green than most lawns.




ikuyu, this is the most common lawn. Most domestic houses have this lawn laid by the developers prior to you purchase as it is the most affordable. Kikuyu lawn Requires full sun. In shaded or semi shaded areas kikuyu lawn thins out and in winter will die out completely. Kikuyu grows very fast and should be mowed at least once a week.




uffalo, this is a well established brand of lawn in South Africa. Buffalo has a broad dark green leaf. If you are in a development that insists on indigenous plants, Buffalo is normally an accepted grass type. Buffalo lawn is a great choice for areas that don’t receive sun all day as it has a high shade tolerance. Buffalo lawns are also slow growing and therefore have a reputation of being a low maintenance product.


Black Jack


lack Jack, This is a genetically modified Bermuda lawn. Black Jack offers the properties of the common Bermuda with the fine soft texture of Gulf green without the need for as much water.




ermuda,this lawn requires full sun. An aggressive species and tolerates large amounts of traffic with ease. Being an indigenous grass is often an accepted species for development in indigenous developments. Bermuda is often used on golf courses, public parks, sports fields and domestic applications.


Gulf Green


ulf Green, this lawn is as soft as a baby’s bottom and has a deep green color. This lawn is ideal for the small manicured areas. Gulf Green is sometimes referred to as “Golf Green” for obvious reasons. Gulf green is indigenous species and also an accepted species for developments insisting on indigenous plants.


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Quite good - 3.7%
No to bad - 2.6%
It could be better - 18.5%
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Some bird messed it up - 2.4%
What lawn? It's a desert - 46.3%

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