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The Lawn Calulator will give you a Price for the lawn and including the delivery in Cape Town and suburbs, for laying please use our Full Service Option.

This is a DO IT YOURSELF ( D.I.Y.) cost effective solution to your NEW LAWN.


Lawn Calculator

Use our calculator to work out a price delivered for free in Cape Town


Select the type of lawn you require from the types below


Enter the length and breadth measurement(as mentioned at the top of the page how to calculate)

Length m * Breadth m

or total square meters



Now just press calculate and the total in square meters and the estimated price will be shown below.

Result:  m2
Price: R
Please note that all prices are Exclusive of VAT.

Length x Breadth = area ( meters x meters = square meters )


o use this calculator you are going to need the length and the breadth of the lawn. Should your garden look like a triangle take the two shorter sides for your length and breadth measurements? Should your lawn be in a oblong type shape Take the center of the two short sides and measure for length , take the midpoint of the two longer sides and measure for breadth, apply Length X Breadth =Square meters.

Calculating the area that needs to be covered by the lawn.
It's better to have some left than end up short, measure as accurately as possible.

Most gardens have circular edges, estimate squares to compensate or use A=?r2

Once you have the amount of square meters you require and your next to choice of Rollonlawn product, price includes the lawn and the delivery in Cape Town and suburbs.

.NB! It is important to calculate the area as accurately as possible. The amount you order will be charged for. Lawn shortages will be treated as a new order. This does not apply to clients who have used our evaluation services. we offer only the highest grade lawns and deliver the exact amount of lawn as ordered by our loyal clients.

All Rollonlawn Sods are cut exactly the same size with straight edges this ensures the exact amount of lawn ordered is delivered and you can use unskilled labour to achieve a instant D.I.Y. finish.

We also provide a soil conditioner for the sandy soils in cape town, use one 50kg bag per ten square meters @only R 49-00.

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Lawn Poll

How does your lawn look?

Exceptionally well - 1.3%
Quite good - 3.7%
No to bad - 2.6%
It could be better - 18.5%
Almost dead - 21.6%
It's a forest - 3.5%
Some bird messed it up - 2.4%
What lawn? It's a desert - 46.3%

Total votes: 454

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