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Most of our domestic clients do not come to our company looking for just lawn, they come here looking for a solution. Why get three different companies to effectively do one job. This ends up costing you more , not only in a financial capacity but in time delays.

Today time is effectively money, when you want your garden transformed from a sand patch to an instant luscious green lawn you want it done now, you want it done properly and you are looking for a long term solution that will last!

Step 1. We prepare the seed bed

Once the quotation has been accepted and a date set that suites you we arrive to commence with your dream lawn. We endeavor to offer a time frame for arrival however will range between a two hour period.

We load the lawn on the farm 50km from Cape Town and use a four ton truck to transport your new lawn. On arrival we start by turning over the soil in the designated area, removing all unwanted plant matter or building rubble as the situation demands. We ensure that the levels are right, ie all edges for Walkways, pools, verandas and or any other feature is at the right height for the lawn to be placed. This ensures a better finish and a tidy landscape is achieved.

Step 2. Iinstall irrigation

Again time is something we have little of, to support a family both parents are normally working. The last thing we want to do is come home and move a little sprinkler around the garden so as to ensure our lawn maintains the appearance we require for our gardens to look good and offer a relaxing recreational environment.

The trenches are dug and 20mm PVC pipe is placed. All attachments are fitted and rotary Sprinklers are installed. Sprinklers are placed at the correct heights so as to ensure that when the new roll on lawn is laid the sprinkler is not visible when not in operation. This will ensure the sprinkler disappears below the lawn and does not get damaged when you are mowing. All sprinklers are placed so as to ensure the maximum coverage is obtained,
a minimum of 150% coverage is achieved

Step 3. Condition, Compost, Fertilize

Although a good healthy well composted sod is important the preparation of the seedbed is very important. Remember you can only get under the lawn once. Depending on the cultivar the requirements vary, however as a rule of thumb some good compost, soil conditioners and fertilizer will assist the lawn to establish itself.

We have developed a combination soil conditioner ideally suited for the sandy soils in Cape town. Once the Super phosphate, chicken manure and soil conditioners have been placed the area is again compacted this ensures the surface is level and most of the bumpy bits are taken care of.


Step 4. Lay the Roll On Lawn

@ROLLONLAWN.COM we cut our lawn in to a specified size. Each sod is slightly over one third of a square meter; 725mm x 460mm. The average thickness of the sod varies depending on the type of lawn selected but varies between 25mm and 50 mm.

When laying the lawn it is important to get each sod pushed firmly up against the other. We take time and care to ensure this is done properly, Packing the sods tightly and firmly together helps the lawn establish better and offers our clients that instant look. Most of the lawns done by our dedicated team look like they are already well established. Nothing worse than a new lawn that looks like a chess board.

Step 5. Finishing

Now that the lawn has been carefully laid we give it a light dressing of nitrogen fertilizer. This will stimulate the leaf growth and ensure a greener lawn.

The lawn now gets watered with a garden hose until it is soaked. Once the lawn is soaked all the way through the lawn is again compacted with a roller. The irrigation system is then tested and final settings and adjustments are made. We aim for at a minimum 150% cover. The team then dedicates themselves to cleaning up the area, removing any debris or plant matter, sweeping all hard surfaces and generally making sure the area looks like the garden you have always wanted. We then seek your approval. For our clients we will only accept payment once you the client are entirely satisfied.

Step 6. Payment

We accept cash, cheques or electronic transfers.

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