Domestic Homes

Transformation of old deteriorated lawn into an enjoyable luscious lawn for the family to enjoy.

Overview of J&B Met area

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e have,rotovated & removed the old kikuyu lawn that died in shade and effects of active dogs. Full underground irrigation system is installed.



evellingof the area.



omposting, fertilizing and compacting of the area.



ayingof lawn after its been compacted and fertilized



ompleted, a beautiful lawn that can be fully enjoyed.



hankyou for the work, customer is happy and signs off.



Making your world a little greener.



Our Service Offer

Most of our domestic clients do not come to our company looking for just lawn, they come here looking for a solution. Why get three different companies to effectively do one job. This ends up costing you more , not only in a financial capacity but in time delays.

No Job is too big and no job is too small @ROLLONLAWN.COM we cover them all.

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Lawn Poll

How does your lawn look?

Exceptionally well - 1.3%
Quite good - 3.7%
No to bad - 2.6%
It could be better - 18.5%
Almost dead - 21.6%
It's a forest - 3.5%
Some bird messed it up - 2.4%
What lawn? It's a desert - 46.3%

Total votes: 454

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