Evaluation Services

Receive a full assessment of your lawn projects, recommendations and landscaping advice.

A representative will contact you regarding your requirements. A date will be set for a time where you the client or your landscaper are onsite to discuss making your world a little greener.

  1. Lawn product recommendation.

  2. Landscape alterations

  3. Irrigation instillation and optional computer automation.

  4. Soil condition and suitability for selected product.

  5. Size of area

  6. Quotation (no hidden costs)

  7. The lawn will be inspected a month post service by a Rollonlawn.com representative, to ensure the lawn has established.

All evaluations are by appointment only and are charged at a rate of R395-00.

Calculate the size in square meters of the lawn you require and a price estimate before you order.

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Evaluation Service

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Lawn Poll

How does your lawn look?

Exceptionally well - 1.3%
Quite good - 3.7%
No to bad - 2.6%
It could be better - 18.5%
Almost dead - 21.6%
It's a forest - 3.5%
Some bird messed it up - 2.4%
What lawn? It's a desert - 46.3%

Total votes: 454

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