J&B Met

Ojective - transform 1900 square meters of old lawn and weeds into a green luscious lawn area for event day.

Overview of J&B Met area

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emoved all old grass and weed, so as to expose the soil and compost area for the preparation of a seed bed conducive to fast root development and healthy lawn within a short period of time.

In total 30 tons of old lawn and weed was removed from the site.





nce the soil was exposed and the old lawn removed a Irrigation was installed, 50 meters of 50mm plastic pipe, 200 meters of 20mm pipe, 15 high volume Irritol pop up rotary systems delivering 2500 liters per hour and 20 entry level rotary Irritol units for smaller areas.




ompost was applied to area and sixty tons of new fresh lawn delivered to the site. Total distance travelled to deliver the lawn 3000 km.

Lawn was collected in Klein Dassenburg 55 km away from the Kennilworth race course. A total of three trips per day were required to deliver 4 tons of lawn at a time.




awn being placed sod for sod. Each sod is neatly places so as to create an instant finish look and feel. A total of 5721 sods were placed.




ext the lawn was irrigated and compacted, this ensures good contact with the soil and compost and ensures roots find their way into the seed bed as fast as possible.




he day was a result of a combined effort by a group of companies who dedicated their absolute attention and resources to what was verbalized as the best designed J & B tent to date.


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