N2 Gateway Project

The N2 gateway housing project implemented for a solution to address our social obligation to our people as laid out in our constitution.

Overview of J&B Met area



he solution under construction or for that matter completed. The N2 Gatewayis predominantly built on a sandy soil. Most of the construction has eliminated the natural vegetation and has exposed the soil. This has had some negative consequences that in our view need to be addressed. This solution based proposal is based on three key issues namely:

  1. Financial
  2. Social
  3. Environmental

The exposure of the soil combined with the windy climate in the Western Cape N2 Gateway area has resulted in considerable displacement (erosion) of the top soil.

The road in some places is barely visible as it is covered by sand. This creates a road hazard and presents a potential risk to any vehicle using such. The continuous removal of this excess sand from the roads would require large financial resources to maintain and ensure a clean road surface. The cost of building a tar surface road is considerable, to have a sand surface over the top renders the investment useless.

The drainage systems responsible for carrying large volumes of water from the winter rainfalls are blocked with sand and debris.

This compounds the danger to vehicles and the community. Should the winter rain have no drainage the excess water will accumulate on the road surface! Leading to hazardous driving conditions and a potential risk to pedestrians and drivers.

The health factor is a serious concern. When one considers the type of disease stagnant water hosts. Cholera has most recently taken a few thousand African lives and poses a serious threat to our community. This combined with the HIV threat can only make the threat more dangerous.

The soil erosion has had a negative effect on the housing infrastructure. Over time the foundations of the houses will be exposed to the elements. This would weaken the foundations and threaten the integrity of the structure.

Rollonlawn.com were called in by a company Agri Renaissance to assist with this problem. We were contracted to lay instant or Roll on lawn  around the vegetable gardens so as to eliminate the combination of the strong wind and soil from sandblasting their young seedlings.

Their efficient concept of allocating the grey water to the growing of food for the family has achieved great results, and as with everything in the region have concerns about the environmental degradation due to the soil erosion. Following this the department of agriculture realizing the potential of this solution contracted Rollonlawn.comto complete a total of two hundred units.

Agri Renaissance had found us as we grow a specific species suitable for the elimination of this problem and the high drought tolerance. The lawn know as Cynodon Dactylon, more specifically Bermuda or Kweek. Having grown with the conditions we experience in our country over time, Bermuda is well known for its ability to prevent soil erosion relying only on the existing weather conditions for growth. Having a deep root system and a high drought tolerance associated with its soil retention properties makes this variety the best choice for a solution to this costly problem as mentioned above.

The lawn not only offers practical benefit and constitutes financial savings, it also adds to the improvement of moral in the community. The project takes on a whole new feel and the residents heave a sense of pride and take ownership of their homes. This results in a better occupant as regards upkeep of the allocated house. The lawn laid by our professional team transformed a roof over their heads to a home! This is priceless and the objective our government has in mind completed, made whole and realized not only in practicality but in spirit.

This document is a n example of how lawn not only offers a natural feel and green color to a otherwise desolate group of house but also contributes to the protection and sustainability of all South Africans hard earned tax revenues.

The project was used as a back drop to an interview with Lynn Brown the premier of the Western Cape at the time, on E-TV. The event was the handover of 1000 RDP housing units to new beneficiaries Rollonlawn.com is proud to have been part of such an environmentally and socially uplifting project. As we aim to make the work a little greener this was a nice step in that direction.

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