Somerbosch Stud farm - Cavalli

Sods being cut.


awn is Cut with sod cutter, chopped and packed ready for transportation.




he truck is packed 1031.33 Square meters sods per load: 26 sods down , 7 across, 17 high = 3094 units, 3 sods per square meter A total of 34300 sods were delivered transported to site.



Soil is being prepared prior to the lawn being laid


he soil is predominantly clay with some course sand and stone. The area was allowed to rest for two weeks to allow the clay to settle. The following process was followed to prepare the area prior to the lawn being laid. The ground was prepared 1000 square meters per day. Once the soil had been disked and scraped we raked the area, removing surface rocks and stone




he area is then composted to help with the establishment of the sod and compacted with a roller.



Lawn being offloaded.


awn is then transported to next 1000 square meter area and then packed using spacer tools.

Sods being spaced with spacer tools.



Sods being opened.


he sods are opened, laid, rolled, waterred and dressed with compost.The finished product before being rolled.




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