Artificial / Synthetic Rollonlawn

Artificial turf is the new solution to drought stricken areas or where water restrictions are not conducive to maintaining a natural lawn product. There is also an application where shaded areas are prone to annual failure during the winter months where little to no light is present and natural warm season lawns as used in South Africa do not survive the winter.

Artificial lawns or synthetic lawns also provide a very high traffic tolerance and are well suited for areas such as play parks or a children’s play area under and surrounding jungle gyms, monkey bars or other structures where children play a lot and traffic is extremely high. 

Our artificial or synthetic lawns are natural in appearance and offer any application a long term, low maintenance solution.

The installation is key to longevity, and look. Often there is a complaint that urine from animals or pets is a problem. This is best dealt with by making sure your installer puts down a base of 13mm chips stone with a 30mm topping of crusher dust. This allows for good drainage and less odour. 

We offer the product in two popular lengths, 25mm and 30mm pile height. All products have and 8 year guarantee, are internationally produced at ISO9000 standards, have International UV and fire retardant certification. Quality management system compliance: GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system requirements; Date of Issue: 11th-Oct-2018 Validity: 10th-Oct-2021

Pile Height: 30mm/25mm
Turf Gauge: 3/8″
Tufts Density: 18900(Tufts/㎡)
Dtex: 12600D
Yarn Shape: Monofilament (2 Stem)
Backing: PP + non-woven
Size/Roll: 2*25m or 4*25m
Raw Material: PE+ PP
Service time: 8-9 years