Buffalo Grass

Scientific name: Stenotaphrum secundatum

Buffalo, this is a well-established brand of lawn in South Africa. Buffalo has a broad dark green leaf. Buffalo is a coarse, hardy but frost-sensitive perennial grass that rarely produces seed but spreads rapidly by means of its short branched rhizomes and long, arching stolon’s. If you are in a development that insists on indigenous plants, Buffalo is normally an accepted grass type.

Of all the lawn types Buffalo has the highest failure rate and is very costly due to its slow growth resulting in long term cultivation for roll on lawn or instant lawn solutions. The major cause of the failure is due to the perception that Buffalo can survive a drought, is very water-wise and offers a solution during implementation of water restrictions. This is not the case! Buffalo needs to have a constant irrigation program during the hot months to offer the instant lawn to meet the home owner’s expectations of a green all year round solution. 

Buffalo lawn is a popular choice for areas that don’t receive sun all day as it has a medium shade tolerance. Buffalo lawns are also slow growing and therefore have a reputation of being a low maintenance product.

In the middle of summer when all lawns grow vigorously buffalo only requires mowing every two weeks. Buffalo lawns should never be mowed too short as it damages them and can even destroy your lawn. Buffalo is not recommended for young children or people who are looking for a soft texture. The blade is fairly course and quite hard on your feet. Buffalo also hosts a few weeds and has a medium traffic tolerance. Being a slow grower, the weeds grow faster and other lawn types often invade and take over in full sun areas. Should your buffalo lawn get damaged it would also take some time to repair itself. Buffalo has a beautiful deep green colour and with its broad long leaf makes a great lawn. Buffalo lawns have a high failure rate in the winter months.

Sun Likes full sun
Shade Medium shade tolerance
Water requirements Regular irrigation . Well points, boreholes , grey water systems or rain tanks offer relief in times of water restrictions
Maintenance Low
Traffic Tolerance Fair
Drought Tolerance Good
Rollonlawn High grade lawn, Rough texture, deep green color