Fiddlers Green Blend Grass

Scientific name: Paspalum Vaginatum and Cynodon Dactylon

Fiddlers Green blend is a blended lawn comprised of seashore Paspalum Vaginatum and Cynodon Dactylon. It is a warm-season grass commonly used for lawns, golf courses, landscaping, parks and recreation areas as it has a high traffic tolerance and is often used in estates that insist on indigenous lawns.

It offers both the benefits of a drought tolerant product and a winter green up unmatched by Cynodon Dactylon as a pure strain. Ideal for the well point or borehole saline intensive water. Has a bottle blue appearance all year round.

Fiddlers Green lawn is ideal for use with poor water or saline water. If you have a well point or a borehole or even access to saltwater then this is a good choice of lawn. During times of drought and for a wintergreen unmatched by any other lawn this is available in roll on lawn format and gives you that instant lawn finish. The combination of both indigenous lawn types offers the drought tolerance of the Kweek or Cynodon Dactylon with the deep green colour and strong winter performance of the Paspalum Vaginatum commonly known as Paspalum.

Sun Likes full sun
ShadeHigh shade tolerance
Water requirementsRegular irrigation. Well points, boreholes, greywater systems or rain tanks offer relief in times of water restrictions. Can use Saltwater
Traffic Tolerance Excellent
Drought Tolerance Good
RollonlawnHigh grade lawn, soft blue green finish all year round