Kikuyu Grass

Scientific Name : Pennisetum clandestinum

Kikuyu is the most popular lawn for home and garden lawn solutions. Kikuyu is an evergreen lawn and offers an all year round green well presented lawn. Kikuyu lawn offers turf farms that produce sods for instant lawns and roll on lawn applications up to three cuts per year due to its aggressive growth and for this reason, Kikuyu is the most affordable lawn, often referred to in the lawn and turf industry as the “coca cola” of lawns and grass.

Traffic tolerance is high due to its aggressive growth, the faster a lawn grows the quicker it repairs itself. For this reason, it is often used for Sports fields, horse race tracks and other high traffic areas where recovery is key to application. With a medium green colour makes for an aesthetically supreme finish for any home or garden.

Often garden services will cut it every two weeks and this causes the lawn to burn as it exposes the soft under leaf. Kikuyu should be mowed once a week for top results. Kikuyu lawn should not be laid in the shade as it needs full sun. Kikuyu has a deep root structure and a high root mass. Kikuyu responds well to fertilizer, organic composts and regular irrigation. Kikuyu has a high drought tolerance however browns easily if it does not get watered regularly. Kikuyu grows all year round although slows down in winter. Has a reasonable salt tolerance so a well point or a borehole is good to have. Water tanks to store either rainwater or Greywater are also beneficial in times of drought or when water restrictions are imposed.

Sun Full Sun Lawn
Shade Do Not Plant!
Water requirements Intensive irrigation.  Well points, boreholes, greywater systems or rain tanks offer relief in times of water restrictions
Maintenance High
Traffic Tolerance Aggressive and handles traffic well
Drought Tolerance Lawn browns quickly however with irrigation recovers. Tolerance is good
Rollonlawn High grade lawn, soft leafy finish