LM Berea Grass

Scientific name: Dactyloctenium Australe

LM Berea grows well in KZN due to the high humidity and annual rainfall of about 880ml. Lm Berea enjoys warm conditions and higher humidity’s. LM Berea has a very shallow root system and when the turf farms cut out the sod the entire plant is removed for transplant making it expensive due to a single harvest per year. LM Berea takes a while to establish from plugs and the seed is rarely viable. Roll on lawn is the most efficient way to establish a LM Berea instant lawn.

Due to the shallow root system and broader leaf structure, LM Berea has the ability to tolerate semi shady conditions best. It is by far the most sustainable semi shade solution for any garden or home.

LM Berea has a medium growth rate and has a light green finish with a spongy texture. LM Berea needs to be watered regularly and performs best when left with some length on the blade (50mm to 70mm) so as to capitalize on whatever sunlight is available. LM Berea also does well in the full sun.

If there is some semi shade and you want an aesthetically green sustainable finish then LM Berea is the instant lawn solution for you and available in roll on lawn format. LM Berea has an Achilles heel and that is it does not tolerate traffic well. So no dogs or heavy sports are recommended. If there is no LM Berea grass for sales then consider Artificial lawn for semi shade environments.

Sun Likes full sun
ShadeHighest shade tolerance. Most sustainable of all lawns
Water requirements Regular irrigation.  Well points, boreholes, greywater systems or rain tanks offer relief in times of water restrictions
Maintenance Medium
Traffic Tolerance Poor
Drought Tolerance Fair
Rollonlawn High grade lawn, soft spongy and leafy finish